Terms & Conditions

InstAgents is a multi-tenancy (Saas) bases software popular as CRM.

InstAgents team built the CRM with minor details kept in mind for the Education Agencies and Consultancies all around the globe.

InstAgents CRM is a service owned and operated by ESIGN TECH PTY LTD. We are a proprietary company that has complied under the Australian Laws, with its registered office located at 34 Tilley Street, Dundas Valley, Sydney, NSW 2117. In the Document below InstAgents refers to itself as (“we”, “us”, “our”) and the Customer is referred to as (“you”, “your”, “user”). 

This Agreement will state the Terms and Conditions on which ESIGN TECH PTY LTD will provide the Service to the User through the InstAgents Website. Besides this Agreement and the type of service opted by the User. The User needs to read through the document and accept the relevant TOS (Terms of Service). Depending upon the product, the TOS will be a part of this Agreement. If a conflict between the TOS and this Agreement arises, the terms and conditions of this Agreement will prevail.

The usage of the services offered to the User by InstAgents based on acceptance without any modification of the terms, conditions and notices contained in the TOS and this Agreement, as we may post on InstAgents' Website from time to time. In case, the Customer(User) doesn’t agree with any part of these terms and condition then the TOS or the guideline, the user must not use the website.

By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, you hereby present that you are at least the majority of your age in your country, state or province of your residence or else, you are the age of majority and have allowed the minor dependable on you, to use this site.

If you found accountable for using our service for any kind of illegal and unauthorized purpose, you will be responsible for it. Nor may the User use the Services provided by InstAgents to violate any laws in your jurisdiction. Including the copyright laws, but not limited to it.

You must agree not to transmit any viruses, worms or any code with a destructive nature.

A violation or breach in any of the Terms and Conditions will make you accountable. It will result in us to promptly end your service without any refunds viable by the User.

Right for Modification
ESIGN TECH PTY LTD holds the authority to change the Terms, Conditions, TOS, and notices for the InstAgents website at its sole discretion. It also includes the charges for the services through the Website but is not limited to it. The User will be responsible for reviewing these Terms and Conditions.

Signing up with InstAgents
The user signing up with InstAgents will be promptly assigned the Owner role (Master Admin). The User who has the day to day role for the Customer account is the Master Admin. The Master Admin account is only for the sole usage or by the head of a single entity. Likewise, the service is for a single entity.

For signing up with InstAgents. The Customer (User) required to provide the Customer legal full name, a valid email address and other relevant information. It depends upon the service while completing the signing up process.

If any Third Party handles opening the Users account then InstAgents will not be responsible for the extra cost. Nor will we be responsible in regards to the data theft by the Third Party. The Third-Party can control the account information. It includes the Customer Data, and the Third-Party will also have access to the Customer’s account and Data.

You (Master Administrator) can invite Users of your entity to sign up as Users by registering them from the backend of the Master Admin. It depends upon the package chosen by you.

Product Service and Refund Policy
The products and services in the InstAgents are only available through our website. The services and product may have been in limited quantities. It subject to refunds according to our Refund Policy.

We reserve the right to limit sales of our service or product depending on the person, jurisdiction or the geographic region, but are not obligated to limit our service. InstAgents also has the right to limit the quantity of our service or products that we offer. Likewise, we reserve the right to change all the description and the pricing of the product or the services offered by InstAgents, without any prior notice. If prohibited, any offer made for any product will not be valid.

We cannot ensure or warrant the quality of the services provided by InstAgents. Nor can we guarantee it will be able to meet your expectation. Neither can we ensure any of the errors in the services will stand corrected. But InstAgents will try the best to ensure customer satisfaction and try to make the product meet your expectation.

Customer Data
All the content and the data stored in your account will be solely owned by you or your organization. InstAgents will not be responsible for the data stored by you or your organization. You have the sole ownership of the legality, reliability, integrity, accuracy and the quality of your customer's data.

InstAgents holds or owes no responsibility for the way you choose to store your customer data or information. The storage of all kinds of data is within your jurisdiction as we provide a separate database for each of our users. You will be responsible for passing the customer data from your database to another third party. InstAgents will not responsible for the passage of the data.

Payment & Fee invoicing
The Customer has to make the payment in advance, applies to all the paying accounts for the services or products.

The customer needs to provide us with a valid payment card and will be responsible to allow us to proceed with the payment of the sum. The card used for payment has to be in the Customer's legal name.

In case, if you are signing up for a fee-paying account and haven’t updated or included your payment method within the 14-days of the trial period, then InstAgents will terminate the service with prior notice. In case of failure of payment by the client, we will terminate the customers' data with prior notice.

If you have added the payment credentials within the 14-days of your free trial, then we will proceed with charging the fee of the service or the product. The service will continue until the cancellation or the termination of the service. You will be responsible to pay for the whole month's fee for the service. InstAgents will charge the Customer on a monthly or yearly basis, in advance depending upon the Subscription of the Customer. We will charge the Customer with the subscription until the Customer(User) hasn't unsubscribed from the service. The same applies in case we terminate the Customer's account. The fee is applicable even if you never use the service or the product and haven't unsubscribed.

We are not responsible for the payment of your User Products or/and payment related activities. Neither are we responsible for any kind of promotion of your services or product. We are neither a party or work in accordance with any of the Payment Gateway provider. It is your sole responsibility on behalf of the payment activities of your products or services.

The user can downgrade the plan anytime. Also, InstAgents holds no responsibility for the loss of content, feature or capacity. We are not responsible for the loss and do not offer any help for such kind of losses.

All the fees are exclusive of taxes, charges and any other fees of any kind imposed on the usage of the service or the product. Such charges will be the responsibility and the Customer has to bear such kind of cost.

Prohibition of unlawful use
Complying with the condition of the usage of InstAgents products, the Customer(User) ensures us that they will not (at any condition) use the services or products from InstAgents for any kind of unlawful or illegal purpose under any law. Besides, the Customer(User) of the services and the products of InstAgents will not cause harm to any third party or person at any cost for any reason.

InstAgents reserves the right at our sole discretion to end the contract, service or any bonded relationship without any notice or any refund. It applies in the case, the Customer (User) has been using our service or the product for any kind of unlawful use or illegal activities. The User must also agree not to obtain any materials or information through any kinds of means that are not intentionally made available or provided through the website.

Termination of the account
InstAgents will remove the Customer's (User) account, in case the Customer doesn't abide with the Terms set out by InstAgents.We have the right to end your account anytime and at our sole discretion, if we find the Customer not to be abiding with the terms and conditions. You will not be eligible for any kind of refunds when we terminate your account. We have the right to terminate the Users account if the User doesn't abide with the terms set out by InstAgents.

We at InstAgents have the right to question the Customer in case we find the Customer is using the services or products for any kind of unlawful use.

In case of late payment or the User fails to pay for the service, then we will hold the Customer's account in suspension for 30 days and with prior notice. All the data stored by the Customer will be stored just for 30 days. In case the Customer makes the payment, the data shall be restored and the Users account will be accessible by the Customer. Please note that the Customers data in our archive will last for 180 days, in order to retrieve the data, the customer has to give us a written explanation for the late payment for the usage of the service. In case, the customer fails to give a written explanation within 3 months of failure to pay for the service, then the Users account and all the data will be terminated from our archive backup.

Intellectual Property Right
All the property rights of the services and product, we provide to the Customers are on renting basis. All the information and the products remain the property of ESIGN TECH PTY LTD and our licensors. The Customer by any means does not have the right to obtain source code of our source code for the software compromised with the Product or the Website.

The Customer is not allowed to reproduce or store any part of the service provided by us nor hold any of our data in any system, without prior written permission and agreement with us.

EU Permitted Customers
In case the customer(User) resides in the European Union (or in the United Kingdom), you are eligible to use the service only for business, and with evidence of a registered VAT number or another form of proof is acceptable to us.

Disclaimer & Warranties
The service or product provided by InstAgents “as is” without any warranties or other terms of any kind. While we try to ensure the information and the service provided on this website is accurate, but we can not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the products. We shall have the right to make changes in the pricing structure at our own accord, any time without prior notice. Please note that some of the material on InstAgents may be outdated, and we make no commitment to either upgrade or update such material.

We may share the information about our future product or the changes in the services and products from time to time. Do note that any statement publicly provided about our product plan is an expression of intent and should not be relied upon when the Customer is making the purchase. We recommend the decision to purchase should depend upon the current feature of the product, not on the plans of delivery of the features or functionality in the future.

By using our service, you warrant and represent that:

  • You have the right/ authority to enter into this agreement on your free will and to perform your obligation under these terms and conditions.
  • The performance and the execution of your obligations under these terms and conditions do not interfere and violate the terms of any other agreements that you are under or in accord with any law applicable law.
  • You will respect all applicable laws and governmental orders and court orders, which relates to the usage of this Website and its services and the Terms and Conditions; and
  • You rightfully own the user rights, copyrights and permits required to fulfil your duty or obligations under these Terms and Conditions.

Limitation of Liability
We do not limit our liability to the Customer for death, fraud or injury caused due to any such negligence or wilful misconduct by us in relation with the provision of the website or services we provide. InstAgents will not bear the damages in case there is a loss in profit of the Customer's (User) Business/ Organization.

If a provision in these Terms and Conditions is invalid or becomes invalid then the other provisions will remain unaffected. The other valid provision shall be deemed to be agreed upon which related to what the parties intended commercially and the invalid provision shall be replaced. Similarly, it will be applied to any of the omissions.

All of these Terms and Conditions, also with all the documents referred to, it constitutes the entire agreement between you and us, and it supersedes all prior negotiations and agreement between the parties.

Governing Laws and Jurisdiction
This Agreement between you and us (InstAgents) will be governed by the laws of New South Wales, Australia. The courts of New South Wales will have the jurisdiction for the settlement of the conflicts arising under these Terms and Conditions in relationship with the provision of our Website or Service which is not limited under the applicable law.