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This document was last updated on: September 2, 2019

About Cookies
Cookies are small text files that are placed by the websites that you visit on your computer.  They are often and widely used to make websites work, and/ or make it work more efficiently, as well as to provide information to the Administrator. There are two types of Cookies. One is the “Session” cookie and the other is the “Persistent” cookie. We use both persistent cookies and session cookies on our InstAgents Website.

A persistent cookie is stored on the visitor’s device during visit to the Website. Another is the “Session” cookie in the browser session which allows the actions of the visitor to be remembered when surfing through the Website. A session cookie allows the Website to keep a track of your actions during a browser session. However, Session cookies differ from persistent cookie since they are deleted from the visitor's computer once the website or the browser is closed.

How do we use cookies?
The table below indicates the cookies we use and why they are used by us. 

  • For Applications:

Service Provider


  • InstAgents

InstAgents uses the cookies known as (last_account_used) and (exp_ )on our Website to simplify the signing up or logging in process. Session Cookie (PLAY_SESSION) is published for the Developer. InstAgents is necessary for the operation of the API developer website. Local Storage, Session Storage and Cookies are stored and published in the User account domain (for example: is required for the operation and navigation of your InstAgents account.

  • For Website Analytics:

Service Provider


  • Google Analytics

  • Facebook Pixel

InstAgents uses these cookies to garnish information about the usage of the website by the visitors. Likewise, this information is used to collect reports and help us improve the website. The information collected by the cookies is in an anonymous form, it is basically to collect the data of the visitors to the website, including the site they have come from and the pages they have visited. Your visit won’t be shown in the statistics if you don’t allow these cookies. 

  • For Customer Chat and Support: 

Service Provider



Setbots is used by our website to chat with the visitor and/or customer. Furthermore, it is used to resolve the issues related with the service provided by InstAgents.. 

Choices regarding the cookies
As a visitor/ customer, you can set up a browser option to make your computer not allow cookies. Likewise, you can set up a browser option to notify you before accepting any cookies from the site you surf through. However, you may not be able to use the whole website or some of its functionality. Likewise, if you are a customer, it might affect the usage of your service. 

There is another way to control cookies in the browser option is by installing one of the ad blocking extensions. These extensions you control over numerous services which you can choose to block. 

Modification of Cookie Policy
InstAgents may update the cookie policy in the future depending on our sole discretion. However, the cookie policy will be published on the page and if necessary, we shall notify our Customers about it through email. Please be sure to check this document frequently if there are any changes in the future.

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